Walter Knoll at Orgatec 2014

„Kyo Lounge“: a lounge chair with obviously soft padding – a welcome invitation

Communication & identity: at Orgatec 2014 – the leading international fair for office and facility in Cologne – Walter Knoll is exhibiting innovations for living and working, contract and hospitality.

„Jaan Bench“: the new modular upholstered bench by EOOS – for offices and hotels, airports and galleries, museums and shops

When the world changes, the architecture does too. Conveying information and understanding it. Initiating, discussing and presenting. Concentrating and swapping ideas. The activities of modern office and working worlds define that change – as is apparent from lifestyle and interior design.

„Seating Stones“: the extension of the unconventional seating landscapes by Ben van Berkel – for informal working and lounging in an often formal world

Walter Knoll shapes these modern worlds of living and working. „Our products promote communication and concentration, they are personal companions and give expression to our attitude to life. At the same time, they influence the culture of both companies and organisations, and shape brand identities,“ says Markus Benz, CEO and Managing Director of Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG.

„Keypiece Communication Desk“: the tool for the modern leader. Communication, conferencing, consulting – this range promotes contemporary working methods

Walter Knoll is showcasing new products for leadership and conferencing, new work and public seating at Orgatec 2014. Internationally acclaimed designers and architects are behind the new products: the design team EOOS from Vienna, the London-based design office PearsonLloyd as well as architect Ben van Berkel from the Netherlands.

„Healey Lounge“: a modern lounge chair that supports the rituals of our everyday medial life. The design – in the tradition of the seats of legendary classic cars, with functions for modern-day life

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