Airbnb`s San Francisco headquarters features rooms modeled on real apartments


Airbnb currently offers rental accommodation in over 34,000 countries cities, but the company’s first ever listing was a San Francisco apartment, so the team’s in-house designers decided to transform one section of the interior into an exact replica of it.


They sourced items from various countries to furnish the spaces and even installed a bed in one of the rooms.

Other sections of the headquarters mimic properties from various other places around the world, including Reykjavík, Bali, Amsterdam and Paris, and are filled with casual seating areas where staff can interact.


„We asked ourselves, how can we create the sense of travel in an office?“ explained Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky. „Simply having photos of listings and far off places was not enough. It is not just about recalling the memories, but about feeling that you’re there.“


The offices occupy part of a renovated 100-year-old industrial building, named 888 Brannan.


The office canteen features long communal tables where staff can hold informal meetings, while the walls are covered in over a hundred sketches relating to different employee experiences.


„We wanted to create a space that encourages our employees to move around, interact across disciplines, and see movement and activity,“ said Chesky.


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