„Series 6000 São Paulo“ by Kusch+Co

The cantilevers perfectly complement the task chairs

Rather than just being a “sitting machine”, task chairs are meant to act as motivational partners, taking the strain off your back muscles while working all day long in the office. This notion was the premise for the development of this series.

Series 6000 São Paulo comes in many variations. Design by Norbert Geelen.

The dual synchronized mechanism is designed to have the seat and back support the user in his every move or change of posture. Through the integrated forward tilt, it is possible to lower the seat edge by additional 4°. The trapezoidal backrest is tapered at the top, giving more “elbow room”. 3D armrests, an adjustable lumbar support, a headrest as well as a fold-out coat hanger are optional extras.

The base pedestals of the task chairs and the table frame look like identical twins. The matching design aesthetics is ideally suited for harmonious conference configurations.

The handling is kept as simple as possible. Easy slide controls instead of inconvenient levers. One simple sleight of hand instead of wearisome adjusting. All operating elements are fitted flush underneath the seat, and can be operated almost intuitively.


The design language gives this series its unmistakeable contours. The cantilever is characterized by slender, clear-cut aesthetics. Seat, backrest and frame meld beautifully together to form a single unit. Slim, nearly graceful, and brimming with power and dynamics: this description fits the task chairs like a glove. This design evokes emotions!


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