Giant tables by Featherstone Young Architects form workspaces at Central Saint Martins


London studio Featherstone Young Architects has designed a family of different-sized moveable tables as flexible workspaces for the atrium of art institution Central Saint Martins‘ King’s Cross campus. Featherstone Young Architects designed the tables as part of a programme of projects that serve to make better use of the large internal „street“ that runs through the centre of  the Stanton Willams-designed building.


The architects came up with the idea of a family of movable tables that could be used in different ways by the staff and students, from teaching spaces to display plinths. Sat on castors, the tables are designed in three colour-coded sets. Smaller tables can be stored inside the matching larger ones when not in use.


„They are like a nest of tables all of the same proportion and design, and colour coded to bring a uniformity and coherence to the new street furniture, which was replacing an array of rather muddled and mismatched tables and chairs,“ said Featherstone. Each set is constructed from tables in three sizes. The largest piece in the yellow family is four metres high, while the biggest elements in the other two groups are both two-and-a-half metres tall.


„The largest table has curtains that can transform it into a space for film projections, lectures etc seating up to 40 people,“ said Featherstone. „The two medium ones have the flip-down display panels making these ideal spaces to have small presentations or meetings for 8-10 people around the family of smaller tables and benches beneath them.“




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