Mobility, the creatives’ desk by Actiu


When your profession requires you to invest great amounts of creativity, multi-task, manipulate different materials and cover spacious surfaces where you unleash your full potential…you need furniture that adapts to all your needs. „Mobility“ is an elevating desk by Actiu which was created for the purpose of bringing a new concept of work surfaces to architects, designers and in general to all those professionals that need to actively maintain their inspiration, preserving their health.

Work standing up for a few hours during the working day has a postive effect on our health

In a well designed environment, the professional has the opportunity to choose between a wide range of positions to do their work and switch between them frequently. It has been proved that when you can adjust the height of the workstation to the size of the user or to the task that they are going to do, then you can combine the possibility of standing and sitting during the working day, which not only increases health and well being, but also increases productivity.

Work desks, can be fitted according to the needs of use, in which the user can choose three variants of height adjustment: with electric motor on desks for working seated or standing and with mechanical adjustment or fixed height with levelers

Javier Cuñado, from ITEMdesignworks, designed Mobility for Actiu, a program of elevated desks which sets new standards in the design of work spaces. Cuñado says, “Mobility offers a wide range of levels and models, which can be combined together, in such a way that the amount of possible configurations are enormous. A three dimensional furniture system, where the configurative concept seeks to address a broad spectrum of models and work environments. In addition, solutions for height adjustment are complemented with a third level for versatility of uses”.

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