Nuon office by HEYLIGERS Design+Projects


The practice of HEYLIGERS Design + Projects created the new headquarters of the Nuon power company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands which features a diverse choice of settings and a modern open environment that was created to inspire and motivate the employees as well as to offer a pleasant ambiance for the visitors.Nuon-Office-00017


The entrance into the building offers an overview of the floors through the triple height area that connects all the levels via a complex set of staircases and the predominant tone is a neutral bright one with white walls, ceiling and furniture pieces combined with a light wooden flooring to add extra coziness to the space.




Each area is very bright and the entrance offers a view of the terrace to the left which is the area with the liveliest colors offering a blend of yellow and blue tones that go very well with the living wall extending to the outdoors.



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