Inno’s novelties 2014


Inno’s novelties 2014 include Intro chair with armrests along with Lab chair with different leg options and armrests. Additionally, Aura L from the red dot: best of the best 2013 awarded Aura family, Bondo serial table and the swiveling Kola Lounge X of the award-winning Kola series.


INTRO design Ari Kanerva

The armrest version of Intro contains a distinct spirit that is suitable also for conference milieus. Intro is a stackable wooden chair for use in a variety of public and private spaces like diningrooms. At first sight Intro looks simple but it’s designed with a lot of attention to detail. The unique design combined with ergonomic proportions make it suitable for use in different purposes alone, in a group or around a table. Available with an upholstered seat and/or back.


LAB design Harri Korhonen

Continuation to the cozy convention of the Lab table and chair series. The cross-legged Lab Z chair has a height adjustment mechanism with wheels or glides. Lab O has a trumpet leg and Lab X is equipped with a four-star cross-leg. The softness of the chair has been created through a plain quilted seat. With or without armrests.


AURA design Mikko Laakkonen

Aura chair L is the newest member of the award-winning Aura family. With its higher back, the new sympathetic lounge chair fits naturally together with the Aura sofa. The chair is also available with a slightly lower back, which gives the person sitting in it a better view of their surroundings. Mix the sofa and the different chairs together to form harmonious and cozy Aura groups or use the products separately. The chairs can also be used as side chairs. Due to its high back the tempting Aura sofa works also as a divider. The disclosed structure gives Aura a characteristic identity. Aura was awarded the red dot: best of the best 2013 design award for its elaborate and innovative design.


KOLA design Mikko Laakkonen

The new Kola Lounge X is a swiveling lounge chair. The aesthetically and weight wise light family of chairs fit both public and private modern interiors. The seat, manufactured of 100% recyclable polyester felt, is part of the supporting construction. It has also great acoustic absorption capacities. The upholstered cushion gives extra comfort and allows the use of playful colours. The Kola chairs are fire resistant and easy to clean. The Kola family includes an easy chair, a rocking chair, a meeting or dining chair with different leg options and a stacking small chair with or without armrests, or with a crossleg for meeting applications.

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