Köln, 21. – 25.10.2014

Casala – Curvy 10 years!


This year we celebrate Curvy’s 10 year anniversary. Over the years Curvy has grown into a timeless icon and earned its place in the contract furniture market. (mehr…)

FEATURE: Flooring – Spaces, Signs and Senses

India is one of the most stimulating environments I have ever been in. It was in Viluppuram, a small town in the far south-east of India, 40 km west of the Bay of Bengal, that I discovered Rangoli, a symbolic floor art, outside many people’s homes. Rangoli’s ancient symbols are thought to bring good luck and have been passed down through the ages, from one generation to the next, keeping both the art form and the tradition alive and, fortunately for all who visit, creating entrance areas that are both beautiful and meaningful. (Text: Alex Bradley)


Respectful renovation, with refurbished stone floors, of a five-storey early Georgian terrace in London’s West End, by architects and designers SHH for an international shipping company


“Galleria” by Tacchini


A steel bar with a vaguely industrial feel, onto which one can fasten elements made of highly characterful materials: wood, leather, fabric and metal painted in primary geometric forms that give rise to always different architectures, both fascinating and surprising. “Galleria” is the new project by the Pearson Lloyd studio for Tacchini: a system that lets you create any solution from a simple linear bench, to an angular two-seater, to a peaceful island as a waiting area, or designed for relaxation and conviviality.


“Designers Selection” by acousticpearls

acousticpearls presents “Designers Selection”, the exclusive panel series for the famous color fields wall design system.


This new series stands out in how it interacts with the space, in its unambiguous design, its high quality textiles, and the unique functional effect. Exclusive panel designs with extraordinary colors take center stage in this series, thanks to the efforts of color designers at acousticpearls and their inspirations taken from various themes and influences in architecture, art and music.


“Series 6000 São Paulo” by Kusch+Co


The cantilevers perfectly complement the task chairs

Rather than just being a “sitting machine”, task chairs are meant to act as motivational partners, taking the strain off your back muscles while working all day long in the office. This notion was the premise for the development of this series.


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