Köln, 21. – 25.10.2014

Alfredo Häberles Strickkollektion 2014 für Kvadrat


Foto: Annabel Elston

Die Alfredo Häberli Strickkollektion umfasst drei lebendige und gleichzeitig elegante Möbelbezugsstoffe: Nebula, Nadir und Galaxy.


FEATURE: Where the Future Happens – the Interiors of Internet Companies

In September, we saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch. Much has already been said about the potential impact of this device on the worlds of consumer electronics, fashion, well-being and productivity. It’s certainly a step forward when compared with other computers for your wrist already on the market, whatever your view of the design – or indeed of Apple. (Text: Alex Bradley)


Geremia Design for DropBox


50 Jahre Originaldesign – ein Grund zum Feiern

Vor 50 Jahren ging David Rowlands 40/4-Stuhl nach fast einem Jahrzehnt der Entwicklung endlich in Produktion. Der 40/4 ist bekannt als der weltweit erste Stapelstuhl und unbestreitbar eines der signifikantesten Stuhldesigns der letzten 50 Jahre.


Der Stuhl war vom ersten Augenblick an ein Erfolg und wurde schnell einer der größten Verkaufsschlager weltweit. Über 8 Millionen wurden in aller Welt verkauft. 2014 wird das originale Stuhldesign, das die Raumanmutung in der Inneneinrichtung revolutionierte, 50 Jahre alt. Und der Stuhl ist angesagter denn je.


‘t Park designed by Cube Architecten


In August 2013 the City of Amsterdam gave the go-ahead for the redevelopment of an old store room under one of their offices on Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam into a multifunctional plaza. This plan is part of the new flexible housing concept for their offices, which can be densified through realization of such plazas. CUBE is, after a closed competition, asked to develop this 530 m2 plaza. According to the City of Amsterdam it had to become an attractive area with an extraordinary appearance.


Graphic precision: Wilkhahn’s new conference range

Wilkhahn has always focused on durability and permanence, and its new “Graph” conference programme is very much part of this tradition. With its innovative chair and accompanying table this German furniture manufacturer is restyling corporate conference facilities.


The filigree design of the “Graph” conference programme will enhance any interior

It takes backbone to go out on a limb (if you’ll excuse the mix of metaphors). As a design manufacturer, ploughing the more considered and strategic, long-term-oriented furrow, when many of your competitors jostle to occupy the limelight with products that modishly respond to more immediate (and more emphemeral) trends, is always somewhat of a gamble. There’s the risk your brand presence will be eclipsed by the buzz that nowness generates and enjoys, and, of course, the very real possibility that your turnover will take a hit. (mehr…)

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